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One of the ironies of being plus-sized is that once you decide to start living a healthier lifestyle it can be hard to find active wear so that you can start exercising. Luckily, more clothing designers are starting to realise that there is a huge market out there for plus-sized active wear. My blog is my way of showing a selection of cool options available for bigger ladies who like to work out, from more modest clothing to funky and revealing outfits. Just because you wear a bigger size of gym wear doesn't mean you shouldn't exercise and stay healthy.


A Quick Guide to Buying Dancewear for Your Child

18 March 2016
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If your child has just begun taking dance lessons, you want to ensure you find the right dancewear for him or her. This will mean something that is comfortable and stretchy so they can move easily, as well as something that is needed for their particular type of dance class. Note a few tips for buying the right dancewear for your child when it comes time to shop. 1. Durability Read More …