Crucial Tips for Maintaining Zipper Work Safety Boots

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Crucial Tips for Maintaining Zipper Work Safety Boots

16 March 2021
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Zipper safety boots are only as effective as their condition. However, most workers think that since top-quality safety boots are built to last, random cleaning is enough. If you take that approach, your boots will eventually fail regardless of the brand. Therefore, proper boot maintenance is critical to providing maximum protection. This article highlights essential maintenance tips for zipper safety boots.

Brush the Zipper Regularly -- The zipper is arguably the most defining feature of zipped safety boots. The myriad of benefits that a zipper offers make the safety boots the best choice for workers in different industries. When a zipper jams, it becomes difficult to wear or remove safety boots. One of the leading causes of zipper jams is the presence of debris between the teeth, which is common among lumberjacks and construction workers. To keep a zipper clean, brush it to remove any lodged debris every time you leave your workplace. Some employees dab a little lubricant on a zipper to make it slide effortlessly before going to work. Unfortunately, lubricants attract soil, which is the last thing you want on your safety boots. Therefore, let the lubricant dry before wearing your safety boots to work.

Always Untie Laces When Washing -- One crucial advantage of zipper safety boots is that you can leave the laces tied and still pull the boots on and off with relative ease. However, leaving the laces tied for weeks is not a good idea, especially if you use your safety boots daily. The reason is that laces tend to shrink and expand when wet, consequently damaging the fibres. Moreover, drying wet laces in their tied position toughens them, making it hard to untie them when you need to. Therefore, make sure you undo the laces whenever you wash your safety boots. It ensures that the laces dry adequately and retain their structure.

Always Use a Shoehorn – Safety boots with laces and zippers are easy to wear and take off since you only have to slide the shoes on and off. However, doing it increases the chances of stepping on the backstay and expanding a zipper's teeth. Over time, the backstay weakens and bends out of shape, compromising the protection of your ankle. Besides, expanded zipper teeth might lead to jamming. The best way to avoid the issue is to use a shoehorn every time you put on safety boots. A shoehorn stabilises the backstay, maintaining its shape and protecting your ankle.

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