Three Tips For Cleaning Your Workwear

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Three Tips For Cleaning Your Workwear

17 December 2019
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Making sure you are comfortable while working in tough conditions should be an absolute priority. The problem is that workwear takes a big beating every time you put it on and can be hard to keep in a good condition for longer than a few weeks. However, there are a few ways you can keep it lasting for much longer than this and that is primarily down to how you take care of it. Knowing what you can and can't do with your workwear is very important so that you don't ruin the fabric or make it incredibly smelly or annoying to wear.  

Don't Use Fabric Softener 

While fabric softener gives your clothes a great feeling that many people love, it also creates a problem by combating the anti-sweat properties of most workwear. Workwear needs to be sweat-resistant and so is often made of polyesters that last longer in the face of moisture. However, fabric softener works by leaving a small, imperceptible coating on top of your clothes that helps with the feel but also allows dirt, sweat and bacteria to latch onto your workwear. This means your clothes will get dirtier, sweatier and generally more uncomfortable more quickly, so it is not worth it. 

Never Wear Workwear More Than Once Before Washing

The best way to ensure your workwear lasts is to have enough pairs to go through the week wearing only one a day. That way you can wash them all individually during the week or wait until the weekend and wash them all at the end. You should never wear workwear two days in a row because the build-up of sweat and grime is not only bad for your skincare but can make you sick in some cases. Also multiple days of use without washing the fibres in the shirt can lead to them being more susceptible to tearing and breaking.

Drip Dry

While using a dryer can be convenient, the truth that everybody knows about them is that they degrade your clothes quicker for little benefit. You are also likely to never going to be in a rush to use your workwear, so there is no time pressure. Using a dryer can cause tiny rips to occur in your workwear, and these can get much bigger if they snag onto anything during the next day's work, which can be a safety risk if you work near corrosive materials. 

Speak to a workwear manufacturer for more information.