A Quick Guide to Buying Dancewear for Your Child

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A Quick Guide to Buying Dancewear for Your Child

18 March 2016
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If your child has just begun taking dance lessons, you want to ensure you find the right dancewear for him or her. This will mean something that is comfortable and stretchy so they can move easily, as well as something that is needed for their particular type of dance class. Note a few tips for buying the right dancewear for your child when it comes time to shop.

1. Durability

Thick fabric will usually hold up better in the washer than thin, threadbare fabric, so check the thread count or material mixture when buying dancewear. The higher the thread count, the thicker the fabric and in turn, the less likely it will be to become worn as you wash it again and again. Fabrics like cotton and nylon are very durable, whereas wool might be good only for winter recitals as it can keep the body very warm. You might opt for a polyester and cotton blend if it's more affordable, but opt for the highest percentage of natural materials as possible for greater comfort. 

2. Flexibility

To ensure your child can move during their dance routines, you want dance wear that is flexible. Look for a Lycra or spandex blend in the fabric mix; this allows the material to stretch while still retaining its shape. Without spandex or Lycra in the fabric, you may see it stay too snug against the child as he or she performs their routine, or the piece may simply stretch out over time and become shapeless.

3. Types of pieces

There are different types of pieces of dancewear and you need to understand these basics when choosing. A leotard is a one-piece garment that covers the torso but leaves the legs bare, and most types of dance classes require a leotard to be worn. These can be tank style, which show the shoulders, or skirted, meaning those that have a skirt sewn around the waist. Tights can be footed or footless; ballet dancers may need to wear footless tights so they can get accustomed to using the tips of their toes for balance.

There are also two different types of tutus that are worn by ballet dancers; pancake tutus have several layers of netting and these jut out horizontally from the waist. A romantic tutu is like a simple skirt that hangs down from the waist. If you need to buy dancewear for your child's class or recital, be sure you ask which type before you shop.